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I'm a wife & a mother of 3 insanely happy children. I do nothing perfectly and enjoy the flaws of everything. I eat too much sugar, sing loudly and off-key occasionally, embarrass myself often, and laugh through it all. I blog my messy crazy life simply because..... it's cheaper than therapy!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

3 little boys

3 boys, all 3 and under! I have to admit I was a little worried how I would be able to get all 3 even in the same shot! I had no idea that they would be such angels! And just look at that baby's rolls- they're so much cuter on him than on me :)

smith family 222a
smith family 190a
smith family 251a
smith family 004b
smith family 269a

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

my besties

Have you ever met Mother Theresa? Well if you know this girl, you have! She is an amazing mother and a wonderful friend. She moved & our family was devastated! We got to spend one short afternoon with her and I'm still high from it! The girls are in complete love with their new brother- I'm just so happy I got to meet sweet Lincoln!
rachel & 25 hour road trip 495b
rachel & 25 hour road trip 524a
rachel & 25 hour road trip 382a
rachel & 25 hour road trip 407a
rachel & 25 hour road trip 502b
rachel & 25 hour road trip 540b

End of Summer

This sweet family finished out the summer with a fun little photoshoot. The kids did amazing, it was a dream to photograph them. I just love the bubble shot!

Mr. Zekers is 2!

Meet one of the cutest kids EVER! This is Zeke. He is obsessed with Mickey's Clubhouse, balls of any kind, and chocolate. He has good taste what can I say? His mom (my adorable sister) let him have his birthday cake for breakfast! Yeah, she's got good taste too! His facial expressions are a riot & he totally takes after his mom. He had a mind of his own while we tried to photograph him, but he still managed to ham it up for us. What a fun kid!
avery wedding 098a
avery wedding 037a
avery wedding 045a
avery wedding 064a
avery wedding 150a
avery wedding 078b