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I'm a wife & a mother of 3 insanely happy children. I do nothing perfectly and enjoy the flaws of everything. I eat too much sugar, sing loudly and off-key occasionally, embarrass myself often, and laugh through it all. I blog my messy crazy life simply because..... it's cheaper than therapy!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Dallas, Frisco Texas Photographer

When you meet this family, you suddenly know what "Trifecta" means. Brains, talent AND beauty. Jealous much? Totally! They seriously have major personality and could host their own comedy tour. And if that's not enough, Dad is in a rock band. Mom can sing as well, and the little one? well she can dance and win ya over in a heartbeat! Meet one entertaining family.....





Friday, December 3, 2010

my family session

Its rare I know but we were able to get our own family pictures done. Thanks to the help of my friend Lori. You were awesome. It only took me 3 tries to get enough pictures of my little ones. After cut up shirts, bad weather and alot of chasing and bribing, this is what we got. I'm thinking collage up the staircase, what do you think?
kids xmas card 025a
christmas cards 2010 200a
kids xmas card 015web
kids xmas card 045a
kids xmas card 013a
kids xmas card 105a
christmas cards 2010 187a
christmas cards 2010 031a
christmas cards 2010 187a