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I'm a wife & a mother of 3 insanely happy children. I do nothing perfectly and enjoy the flaws of everything. I eat too much sugar, sing loudly and off-key occasionally, embarrass myself often, and laugh through it all. I blog my messy crazy life simply because..... it's cheaper than therapy!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

My 52 weeks challenge

I came across this link party on the idea room. It's from a guest blogger photographer who has awesome ideas, Kristen Duke. She challenged people to take pictures of themselves! This has also been a challenge of mine as well. For 52 weeks in a row, (see my challenge here) I'm trying to get pictures of me with a loved one. Can you believe I have 3 years of family albums with only being in 2 pictures?!! It's down right pathetic! So I've challenged myself to hand over the camera and ASK someone to take a picture of me. It feels a little awkward but I'm going to be a DIVA after 52 weeks of this! I handed my 8 year old daughter the camera and told her to take pics of me and hubs. I love them! Not because I look good or skinny, cause I don't, but I love them because I have them & fun memories of taking them! I even blew them up and framed them over my bed (see them here). That, in itself, is a miracle. And every time I walk into my room- I feel loved. Pictures are an amazing blessing & I'm grateful I forced myself to BE in them. Hope you're up for the challenge- cause it will be worth it!
I'm linking to this fabulous site: Photobucket

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dallas Engagement photographer-

Looking at this couple they just oooze love. I loved watching them, they couldn't stop smiling the whole time! They're gorgeous, and sweet & madly in love. I loved every minute of photographing them. I just love love. And I love my job!